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Get closer to the consumer.
Even from afar.

We facilitate consumer research that drives smarter business decisions.

In a world of counting clicks and making decisions on stats, never forget what truly makes communications successful – understanding people. We’ll help you conduct smart, strategic research that reveals perspectives, perceptions and attitudes so you can connect with consumers more effectively.


Quantitative or qualitative. Groups or one-on-ones. In person, by phone or online. Whatever your research goal, we can design a project to make it happen.

Online/Email Surveys

Phone/Online Interviews

Online Usability Studies

Focus Groups

Taste Tests

Pre-Recruited Studies

Mock Juries

Product/Concept Testing

Media Training

Public Intercepts


project management

If you need more than a quality facility, we can be your comprehensive research partner. From assisting in planning to deriving insights from results, we can manage any research initiative, regardless of scope. We even coordinate with other facilities across the country for projects beyond this region.


We can arrange professional moderator services for your project, even finding research professionals with experience or skills in specific industries or product types.

screeners & discussion guides

Proper planning means creating effective screeners and discussion guides. Let us help you perfect this critical step by creating these guides for you or simply offering an extra set of eyes to review your project prior to starting.

contact-free research

Via phone or web, there are countless ways to conduct both quantitative and qualitative studies. In person, we minimize contact and maximize the safety of participants and clients through stringent health and safety standards in accordance with state and federal guidelines.
Measures include configuring furniture for social distancing, mandating masks and conducting more rigorous screenings of participants.


Our modern, large-scale research room with modular furniture can be infinitely configured for focus groups, classroom, living room, interviews, taste tests and more.

Suburban location with ample parking.

Separate entrances for clients and participants.

Multiple client viewing areas, accommodating 20 people or more.

Client conference room for on-site meetings.

Full audio/video monitoring and recording.

Fully applianced kitchen for storage and/or prep.


Recruitment makes or breaks the research. We have a high-quality database of over 25,000 participants with a world of additional targeting opportunities online. There is no market we can’t capture. Consistently. Reliably.

Show rate of 95-98%

Highly diverse region with many key demographics well represented

High concentration of small businesses and corporations

Halfway between Boston and NYC

A 2-hour drive from almost 25 million people

Serviced by bus, rail & international airport


What is the size of your client areas?

The primary viewing room can seat up to 12 people comfortably with an adjacent conference room able to accommodate 8-12 more if needed. With social distancing regulations, these rooms can accommodate up to 6 people each.

What amenities are provided?

We will do/furnish/accommodate whatever you need to make your project successful. Amenities include free parking, food and beverage service from snacks to five star catering with cocktails, lodging assistance, audio/video recording and more.

Can you recruit for virtual or distance research?

Yes, we can recruit and arrange one-on-one or group interviews by phone or video conference. We can also develop online surveys for both quantitative and qualitative projects.

How many people can your focus group room accommodate?

Depending on configuration, we can accommodate up to 30 participants at once. With social distancing regulations, up to 15 people can participate.

Are focus groups still valuable?

They are perhaps more valuable than ever. With today’s unique media environment, it’s easier to reach consumers, but it’s much more difficult to truly connect with them. Many successful marketers are moving back to the “good old days” of actually talking to people through interviews and focus groups – rather than merely looking at web trends and stats. With true engagement and storytelling valued so highly, understanding how people think and why they act is critical to making decisions about product development, marketing and more.

Why participate in research?

It can be both fun and rewarding to join a focus group or other type of research. Not only do you get to voice your opinion, but you can materially affect the products and services that matter to you and your family. You also receive either an incentive or gift for attending.


Use your personal experience or expertise in a certain area to help influence new products, service offerings or advertising. We are always looking for people who aren’t afraid to share their opinions. Participating in market research can be fun and educational. And all participants receive compensation for making your voice heard. Once you sign up, a recruiter will may call you for a specific project if you qualify.