The Highest-Rated Research Facility in the Hartford/New Haven Market

In third-party quantitative studies, moderators rate the region's research facilities on service, recruiting, location, value and the space. And they rate Connecticut InFocus highest overall. You can't argue with research.

SOURCE: Impulse Survey of Focus Facilities


Focus Groups
Taste Tests
Creative Messaging and Executions
In-depth Interviews
Computer Usability Studies
Pre-Recruited Studies
Mock Juries
Product/Concept Testing
Media Training
Bulletin Boards


In addition we provide:

Our large-scale research room and modular table system can be configured for any qualitative research scenario, even multiple scenarios in the same day.
A convenient location with ample parking.
Separate entrances for clients and respondents.
Multiple client viewing areas that accommodate up to 20 people.
Computers, Wi-Fi, Phones, Copiers, Printers, Fax.
Fully applianced kitchen for storage and/or preparation.


There is no target audience beyond our reach. With a 25,000 participant database and 4 list houses a speed dial call away, we can recruit the right people for any client and any research initiative.


We are able to recruit all types of people including minorities, hispanic/bilungual, mothers, students, retirees, dependent on a client's needs.

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We can be your go-to facility, or your comprehensive research partner. From assisting in the early planning stages to presenting final results, implications and recommendations, we can manage any research initiative, regardless of scope. We'll even coordinate with research facilities across the country for projects beyond greater Hartford and Connecticut.
We have a stable of moderators we work with on an ongoing basis should you require a replacement or a professional with particular skills or industry experience. Just ask.
We can help you construct screeners and discussion guides for all types of research. Our experienced research professionals can guide you, do it for you or simply offer an extra set of eyes to review your project prior to starting.
We have extensive experience with online and traditional phone quantitative research. Our recruiters have executed numerous large sample surveys for every type of study.
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Screeners & Discussion Guides

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Quantitative Research


Website Testing Example
A major media company was introducing a new pay portal and wanted to be sure that visitors could find the entrance on their existing site. It was important that users of all platforms would be able to find the portal and navigate its content quickly and easily.

Connecticut InFocus accommodated 7 desktop computers, 8 laptops, 8 smart phone and 8 tablet users at one time using our Wi-Fi system, while we monitored every participant's navigation. In two nights, we were able to gather information on 60 users that helped our client customize their approach to the new portal for each platform.
Mock Jury Example
As the court date for a law firm's major civil case approached, we helped the litigation team hold a mock trial to test the effectiveness of various approaches to questioning and cross-examination.

We recruited two unique subject groups – one that philosophically, emotionally and physically represented the perfect juror for the client and one that represented the exact opposite. Then, the CT InFocus facility was transformed to resemble the actual trial atmosphere.

The mock jury process included running through testimony, followed by a focus group with the mock jurors. The results provided the law firm with a "game plan" for the trial that could hold the attention of the "perfect" jurors while changing perceptions in the other group.
Taste Test Example
A leading packaged goods company wanted to add an entree to their line of frozen dinners and was considering four different options. We needed to recruit a significant sample size for quantifiable results and provide the physical capacity to store and prepare the food for the numerous participants.

With just a week to plan, we had our test kitchen in full swing, helping the client store and prepare over 800 frozen meals for 200 participants over a three-day period.
Radio Station Format Change Example
A radio network was contemplating a format change for an FM station in an effort to grow listenership. They turned to us to hold focus groups with "loyal listeners" and participants from the target audience who represented the best opportunity for growth. The testing would determine if there was a playlist that could satisfy both.

We recruited from a large geography around Hartford in both urban and suburban areas, and secured participants representing the desired ethnic and racial diversity. Input from such a varied participant pool allowed the client to narrow down potential playlist options considerably. In particular, the client lauded our facility's excellent sound system and listening environment, critical to representing the musical choices effectively.
New Product Introduction Example
A computer software developer wanted to introduce a new integrated payroll and human resources software program and needed to gain insights into how senior executives would view the product.

We organized 42 in-depth interviews in our facility and another 22 remote phone interviews with key members of the target audience. The more intimate one-one-one research style, as opposed to focus groups, allowed our client to get a greater depth of insight into their market. As a result, they were able to better position the product to these hard to reach professionals.


Halfway between Boston and NYC
A 2 hour drive from 23 million people
Serviced by bus, rail & international airport